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02.04.16 - The European Parliament Recognises The Islamic State As Guilty Of Genocide, And Invites Member States To Fight Against It

01.28.16 - The Council of Europe’s Assembly recognizes that ISIS committed “genocide” under international law

01.26.16 - “The rights of the parents and children belonging to religious minorities”: Conference at the Council of Europe, Tuesday, January 26, 2016.

12.17.15 - The ECHR to Address the Christians Situation in the Middle East

11.30.15 - The European Court of Human Rights Rules in Favour of Freedom of Speech for Pro-Life Activist

11.19.15 - The ECLJ Welcomes the European Parliament Resolution on the European Citizens’ Initiative Mechanism

11.03.15 - 11 Years After the Introduction of the Case, the ECHR Holds that the Greek-Catholic Parish Sisesti is “No Longer a Victim”, as it Recovered the Property of its Church Three Years Ago

11.02.15 - The ECLJ on the Present European Legislation and Good Practices in Support of the Family Culture at the International Conference on Family in Zagreb

10.08.15 - The ECLJ Supports the Referral to the Grand Chamber of the Greek-Catholic Parish Lupeni and others v. Romania case

10.06.15 - The ECLJ participates in the EPP’s European Ideas Network Summer University

10.06.15 - 2015 OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting: The ECLJ denounces the Growing Persecution of Christians in the OSCE Area

09.29.15 - How to improve the protection of women and children against abortion: the ECLJ offers legislative action.

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