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09.21.09 - New York Post - A Drive to Create 'Israeli War Crimes'

09.21.09 - ECLJ to United Nations:  Hold Iran Accountable for Human Rights Violations

09.18.09 - ECLJ Condemns Iranian Human Rights Violations to U.N.

07.23.09 - UN Geneva Meeting – Day 2 – More Israel Bashing

07.23.09 - International Law as a Weapon at the UN

07.22.09 - UN in Geneva: The Anti-Israel Rhetoric Intensifies

07.22.09 - Anti-Israel Conference Underway in Geneva

07.22.09 - UN: Israel in the Diplomatic Crosshairs Again

09.08.08 - Orthodox Christianity Under Threat

09.02.08 - U.S. fights Islamic anti-defamation push - ECLJ Mention

06.10.08 - UN Scheme to Make Christians Criminals

12.26.06 - USA TODAY — Russian disclosure law may exclude churches

12.12.06 - Religious Rights in Turkey Under Discussion

11.30.06 - Pope: Christian Divisions a 'Scandal'

10.26.06 - Nicaragua poised to outlaw all abortions

10.17.06 - Salvation Army Claims Victory in Struggle With Russian Government

10.11.06 - Russian Ban on Salvation Army Overturned

09.28.06 - Anti-gay leaflets charge dropped

09.18.06 - German Parents Wanting to Homeschool Turn to EU Court

07.14.06 - John Ashcroft & Jay Sekulow to Meet with U.S. Ambassador Boyden Gray

07.14.06 - Proclamation for Solidarity with Israel

06.06.06 - MEPs back €50bn programme for research and development

03.21.06 - Algeria bans Muslims from learning about Christianity

03.15.06 - Czech MPs Approve Gay Rights Law

02.01.06 - Italy judge throws out Jesus case: An atheist who sued a small-town priest for saying that Jesus Christ existed has had his case thrown out of court